Monday, December 30, 2013

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 12/30/13

Hello everyone,  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and found lots of thrifty vintage goodies!  I was all over the place Saturday, and was able to hit a number of thrift stores, an Estate Sale, and an Antique store.  So here we go with my finds from Saturday.  First off, I found these awesomely (not sure if that is a word, but it is now :) cute vintage bird glasses.  They are the softest pink color, and the birdies and cages are gold.  I instantly fell in love with them!  Not that I "need" another set of glasses, but the fact that they were 1. pink, and 2. had birds on them, sealed the deal.

Then I found a vintage silverware divided tray, which will come in handy when it is put to use on my Hoosier cabinet.  I can stick all kinds of vintage goodies in it.  I love the color of green it is, and also the Art Deco-ish design on it.

I was digging around in some boxes of miscellaneous stuff at the Estate sale, and almost missed this handsome Rooster.  I dug around a little more and spied the tip of his head, and uncovered him.  I was very pleased to add another Rooster to the Chicken/Rooster collection.  The Rooster was happy too  :)

Along the way I had to stop in my local hardware store (which by the way is always overpriced) but I had to get something for the house.  I spotted a clearance aisle which had what was left of the Christmas decorations, and of course I had to take a look.  They must have just marked it all down, because I found 3 boxes of the Radko Shiny Brite flocked ornaments that were marked down to $2.99 a box!!!  They were originally marked at $24.99 a box.  I bought all 3 boxes - even though they are not true vintage, I still love them.  How could I pass them up?

Here's a close up of them - aren't they beautiful!

At the thrift store I found a vintage barkcloth panel (sorry for the crummy picture, the colors are more vibrant in person), and a sweet yellow gingham curtain valance that will look cute over my kitchen sink window.  It will need a good soak in OxiClean to brighten it up first.

Next I found an adorable pair of festive Salt & Peppers, but I honestly do not know what they are supposed to be?  Do YOU know???  I want to say it looks like they are covered in holly leaves or something like that.  Help!  Anyway, I thought they were too cute to pass up, whatever they are....

I found a pretty vintage beaded multi-strand necklace and cluster earring set.  The beads almost look like candy, they have a sugar coating look to them.  Yummy!   LOL

And last is a shabby, flowery little dish in the shape of a teapot - probably to hold rings on a dresser or vanity I would guess.  Ooops! - I was wrong - it is a teabag holder I have been informed (thanks Diane and Dawn!  :)

Well, that's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed looking at my little haul of vintage goodies.  I am going out tomorrow to check out some more thrift stores, hopefully they will be open on New Year's Eve.  Gotta get one more shopping trip in before the New Year!

*** And since the year is almost over, I will ask you - what was your very FAVORITE thrifted,  yard sale'd, or estate sale'd item that you found this year??  

Wishing you the best for thrifting in the New Year!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 12/27/13

Hi Everyone!  First, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that took the time to send emails, and leave comments for me on my blog - that really makes my day and puts a smile on my face!  :)  It is so nice to "talk" to others that share my love of vintage goodies!

Now I will share with you what I found today.  I was thrilled that the weather was mild this morning and all the snow and ice has mostly melted.  I only went to one Estate Sale - there were a couple others listed but I didn't have the time to drive 30+ miles, so unfortunately I did not go to the other ones.  Of course now I am wondering what I might have missed.....but I was very happy with what I came home with!  The first item is a set of little vintage pine cone Elves, still in their original box.  Whoever owned them had taken very good care of them and had carefully wrapped each one in tissue paper.  I unwrapped them because I could not wait to take a picture and show you.  Aren't they adorable!  It is a shame that I found them too late this year to put on the tree, but they will be ready and waiting for next Christmas.

A little army of pine cone fellas!  They look so happy and cheerful.

Next there is a pretty little bird figurine, don't you just love those pastel colors.

A vintage honeycomb Turkey decoration that I am happy to add to the Thanksgiving collection.  I have a hard time finding vintage Thanksgiving items, except for the Gurley Turkey candles..

And last but not least, a pretty greenish-aqua (is that even a color?) pottery vase. It is about 12" tall, and is in desperate need of a good cleaning.  Maybe it will turn out 10 shades lighter when I am done cleaning it  :)

Well, that's it for today!  Hope you enjoyed looking at my finds.  I plan to get an early start tomorrow to hit a few thrift stores, and whatever else I find in my travels....wishing everyone luck in their thrifty adventures!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free Vintage New Years Images For You

Here are some vintage New Years images I wanted to share with you (for your personal use only)  Just click on the pictures to make them bigger.  Have fun!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Thrifting Finds of the Day

 Hi Everyone!  Today I would like to share with you some of the goodies that I found at an Estate Sale that I happened upon by accident.  I was driving along doing some last minute shopping, and there was the sign "Estate Sale Today".  My errands could wait, nothing was stopping me from going to an unexpected Estate Sale!

I found a big stand up Santa, he must be about 16" tall, and in really good condition.  He came in a box but it was pretty beat up.

Then I found a small blow mold Snowman, he is so cute and he has now taken up residence on my kitchen counter.

Pixies!  Vintage knee hugger Pixies!  WooHoo!!!  I will be happy to add them to my collection.  I didn't have the little guy with the jester style hat, complete with jingle bells.

A plastic Santa candy holder.  Yes he is missing a ski, but I brought him home anyway.  When I display him, I will just stick something in front of it to hide the missing ski.   Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

I found a big box full of old Christmas cards - there must be a gazillion (or close to it) of just Santas.  This is just a tiny bit of what was in the box, I will sort through the rest of it later.

Lots and lots of cute old Santa cards!

Hope you found lots of goodies this week too!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Old Fashioned Christmas Cookies

I lost track of time today, paging through lots and lots of vintage Cookie recipes.  If only I had the time to make them all!  I will post some of them here for you to see.  Do you have any favorite Cookie recipes that you make year after year?

First we will need to get out our vintage Cookie Cutters!

Now for some vintage Recipes.  (You can click on each image to see the larger version of it)  First we have a recipe for 1-2-3 Peanut Butter Cookies:

Next, a recipe for Molasses Crisps Cookies:

Don't you just love Toll House Cookies?

I thought so!  :)

A recipe for Brown Edge Cookies:

Easy Roll Sugar Cookies:

Lemon Drop Cookies:

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies:

Christmas Tree Cookies:

Cute vintage ad for Betty Crocker:

Coconut Drop Cookies:

Peanut Whirligigs:

Molasses Sugar Cookies:

 I just LOVE this Cookie House!    

Here are recipes for Holiday Fancies, Peanut Butter Cookies, and Sandbakkels:

And here are recipes for Swedish Almond Wafers, Almond Pretzels, and Butter Cutout Cookies:

And here is a vintage page of Crisco Cookie recipes - the Gingerbread Men are sooo cute!

Yummmmmmmy!  The house smell so wonderful with all the wonderful cookies we have baked!

Now all we have to do is place them in a pretty box to give as gifts.

Or, find a super cute Cookie Jar to store them in, and have fun EATING THEM!! 

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and Merry Christmas to all!