Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 2/27/14

Hi Everyone,  I am so sorry that it took so long to get back with a new post!  I have been helping my good friend (who received some life-changing news - and it was not good news) and I have not had any time to get on the computer for "fun" stuff lately.  I took some time today to get a quick post out because I have gobs of goodies that I have been wanting to share with you.  I still may not be around much for the next week or so, but after that, things should be back to normal around here :)  So on to the vintage goodies! 
First up is a beautiful blue pottery vase, for the pastel vase collection.  All the items I am showing you today were from the last big Estate Sale I went to (in the previous post)  and there are still loads of it that I need to take pix of and show you.
Next there is a sweet little Angel, she is a candle-hugger (not sure if that is the correct word for it, but her arms go around a candle)  You know what I mean.....
WooHoo, I got lucky and found not one, but two! vintage egg cups!!  They have been hard to find lately and I was thrilled to add these to my collection.
Next, I found a wonderful old rug - but it has issues.  See the 3 brownish marks on it?  I think they are from rust - I washed it 3 times already but they still did not come out.  Do you think OxyClean will work, or do you know of something else that will remove rust marks?  
Some baby blocks that I can use to spell out things in my displays.
An old letter and key holder - love the old decals on it!
A wooden turkey!  Great to add to the Thanksgiving collection - which is getting a little bigger all the time :)
YES I found Pyrex!!  A pretty pink loaf pan that was a welcome addition to the newest collection I have started.
A couple of apothecary jars that can be filled with all kinds of trinkets and doo-dads :)
A sweet little girl figurine - she has her tag on but I forgot what it said (duh!) and I don't have her in front of me right now.
A sad little ol' hound dog I couldn't pass up.
A sweet vintage baby planter in the shape of a train, cute little bear on the front of it!
I found this nice white shadow box thingy, it is not old but will come in handy to show little things.  It can sit on the table or be hung on the wall too.
An old Yogi Bear plush toy with a rubber? face.  He has some water marks on the front of him and hopefully I can clean him up.
And another cute little bird figurine - see, I told you I always come home with vintage bird things!  LOL

Well, that's it for now - there is loads more to show you too.  Hope you all are having wonderful luck in your thrifting adventures!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 2/5/14

Hi everyone!  Wow, what a week! This crummy weather is really wearing me down...more snow, more ice, more subzero temps, repeat, repeat....LOL.  I am counting the days until Spring!  Hope the weather is milder in your location.  Well, I braved the elements to go to a number of Thrifts and Estate Sales - most were OK but one was fantastic!  At the one "fantastic" sale,  I found so many goodies that it will take many posts to show it all.  I have just got a few pictures taken so far, so I can start to share with you some of the "haul".  OK, here goes:
I was going to save this one for last, but I can't wait to show you!!!  I just about keeled over when I spotted these - Vintage plastic bird clothespins!!!  Ooooh I can't wait to use these in my decorations, I love them so much and the soft pastel colors!!
Next I found an old fuzzy dachshund battery operated toy.  I don't know if he works or not, but I will find out when I get the batteries.  Such a cute weenie dog!
I found a vintage kitschy Christmas plastic garland, it is very long.  I know exactly the project I have in mind for this  :)
Lookie!  The cute little bird cages on it are soooo adorable!
A cute little honey bear, he still has his tag on but it is hard to read.
A small pair of Blue Jays, and a solid metal old turkey.  I told you I always find birds when I am thrifting, a shopping trip would not be complete without them!
A sweet pair of enamel flower earrings to add to the jewelry collection.
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫  Mary had a little lamb  ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ and I do too  :)  Just in time for Easter!
I'm always happy to find old Gurley candles for the collection, this is a pretty red Christmas tree with glitter on it.
A box of old Shiny Brites, always welcome in my house!
I bought a BIG box of vintage cards, and it will take a while to get through them all.  I grabbed this one to show you because it is so darn cute!
I only found one of the pair of salt and peppers, I think this is supposed to be a ladybug, even though the wings are yellow.
The next three items have issues that need to be addressed, but I bought them anyway.  I was thrilled to find this old chalkware bathing beauty, until I saw that someone had taken the liberty of painting her sarong metallic blue.  UGH! Why oh why did they have to do that.  I think this was meant to hold a little glass dish in the circular opening.  See the cute little fish on the side?  I will have to do something to fix the blue paint, but she was too pretty to leave behind.  What color do you think I should cover the metallic blue with?
A beautiful lady head vase and she is still wearing her pearls, but someone broke her wrist (ouch!) and did a terrible job of repairing it.  The glue or whatever it is, is smeared all over her arm.  I'll scrape that junk off and carefully glue it back on so it is not that noticeable.  I will "give her a hand" and make her pretty again (sorry, I could not resist that one :)  I couldn't pass up a lady head vase, even though it was cracked.
I could cry about this one!  This "was" a beautiful, large, Bambi and squirrel vase-type thingy.  UNTIL I slipped and fell on the ice and it broke.  Notice the nice big white chip that is now has.....ack, I was trying to be soooo careful walking to the SUV, but there was just too much ice and snow and bam!  down I went.  Everything else survived though, and so did I.  Well, I still have the pieces to it, but I don't know how well I can repair this one.  A thrifting casualty....*sniff sniff*
And I saved this one for last - I just know you were wondering if I found vintage Pyrex!  And the answer is YES, my friends, I did!!  I was tickled "pink" when I found not one, but two! beautiful pink Pyrex bowls, and they are in good condition too.  I am in love with them, they are so pretty.  I now see why all of you are addicted to Pyrex!

Well, I have tons more to show you, and will work on taking more pix tomorrow.  Happy Thrifting everyone, and thanks so much for visiting me!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 1/28/14

Hi Everyone, it's time for another update on my thrifty vintage finds of the day - well, actually for the last 5 days!  I did not have much free time this week to thrift, because I started a big project painting rooms in the house.  It started out with wanting to repaint and reorganize my craft studio (which is a major undertaking in itself).  Then I decided to repaint the kitchen, two of the bedrooms, and one of the bathrooms.  I still need to finish the bathroom, but all the other rooms are done and I am really pleased with the results  :)  I really need to learn how to keep it simple!  I was able to go to 2 Estate sales and 5 thrift shops.  Here is what I found:
A beautiful quilt!  I love looking at all the pieces of vintage fabric that was used to make it.  It is in excellent condition too.
I can't imagine how much time it would have taken to make this, and wonder why anyone would part with it.  But lucky for me that they did!
A cute little piggy, oink oink!
This owl is a lamp, and his body is made of glass - the light glows from within.  Although it is not vintage, I just love it and he will go great in a Halloween display.  Oooh, and his eyes glow red too!
And here is......drumroll please......ta da!  My first vintage Pyrex piece!!  I have seen so many awesome collections of Pyrex on your blogs, that I decided it was time to start one of my own.  I can't believe that I didn't start sooner.  I have been doing research on it and am trying to decide which colors and patterns I would like to own.  Going by the markings on the bottom, this bowl appears to be an older one.  Okay, so I am hereby an official member of the Pyrex Collectors Club!  :)
A sweet little girl for the month of November.
And another for the month of October.
A pair of vintage Turkey salt and peppers, for the Thanksgiving collection.  Gobble gobble!
Pink!  Melmac bowls, I just love 'em!
A box of vintage Christmas ornaments.  They are so pretty with with silver glitter on them.
And another box of old ornaments.  I think I will attempt to make an ornament wreath next year, I have been inspired by the ones I have seen on blogs.  But I think I would croak if it fell down and got broken!
A wacky little coconut purse from Hawaii.  This can go in with the Tiki stuff, where it will fit in well.
A darling little egg shaped box with a bird on it.  I don't think a thrifting trip would be complete if I didn't come home with a bird item!
A blue vintage bottle brush tree with a little glass garland on it.  I didn't have a blue tree in my collection, but now I do!
A little rooster dish, not sure what it actually is used for, but it is cute anyway.  His paint needs a bit of repair on his head.
More vintage multi-strand beads!
And more beaded cluster earrings to wear or craft with.
A mish-mash of little things - part of an old Japan doll's tea set, and some little mushroom birds for crafting.
I found a book that had copies of vintage pictures of cats dressed up....hehehe.....they are so cute!  I'll show you a few of them....
They are riding on the "Catastrophic" roller coaster!
"Grand-paw" leads the parade on the Fourth of July..
For Sniffy's birthday, they went to the amusement park....(but should'nt that be "a-MEWS-ment park?)  ha!
Kitties getting married!  They are so  cute!
This has nothing to do with vintage, but PeeWee wanted to show you his new bed (actually he just wanted to get his mug in this post, he is such a little ham!)  I was in my over-priced hardware store, and surprisingly they had a sale on Animal Planet pet beds.  It was such a deal, and it is soooooo comfortable.  Wish I could fit in it!  PeeWee hopped right in and is lovin' it! 

Well, that's it for today - we are in the Polar Vortex again and I just don't want to go outside.  I guess I will just putter around today, refill all the bird feeders again for the wild birds, and do more organizing in the craft studio.  I think I will make Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight...yummy.  Happy thrifting!

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