Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 1/7/14

Hi Everyone!  If you are in the area that was hit by the arctic freeze, I hope it is starting to warm up for you.  Today our temp is a whopping 3 degrees....brrrrrr, but at least it is not sub-zero, and the winds have died down.  I tried to post yesterday, but my cable kept going out.  After losing 2 posts, I decided to wait until today and try again.  I did, however, have a productive day at home!  I repainted a room in my house - yay!, and also finished a new background and header for my blog that I had been working on - I hope that you will like it.

So here are today's thrifted and Estate Sale'd goodies to share with you!   

I should probably save the best for last, but I am so excited to show you this, I can't wait! Found at an Estate Sale, 6 darling little pastel made in Japan mica bird ornaments.  The even have the little googly eyes...LOL...They do not even look like they have ever been used, still in their original box.

Aren't they adorable?!  Too late to use them on the Christmas tree, but I can put them out for Easter, on the pastel Easter tree.  I am just giddy over them!

Next up is a little donkey pulling a cart planter, and another rooster for the chicken/rooster collection.

I found these  little fellas at a local thrift shop, a sweet vintage plastic chick and bunny rabbit.  Now I have to remember not to pack them away too good, or I will not be able to find them for Easter.  (not that I have ever actually done that)....ahem....    :)

 I always make sure to check out those plastic "grab bags" I find at the thrift, because you never know what you will find.  This one bag had envelopes and notepads in the front, but upon closer inspection, I found a whole bunch of old, mostly Dennison books of seals

They are so colorful and I love the graphics on them.

From another Estate Sale, I found this sweet little lovebird statue.  Sorry I took the picture at a wonky angle, because you really can't see them that well.  The birdie on top is gazing lovingly at the one on the bottom, it's so "tweet"  :)

I found another Pixie!  I did not have this one, and he is all decked out with tacky, kitschy plastic holly that I love.
A tiny stuffed pastel bunny rabbit, it is only a few inches long.  It's body is pink and the little ears are pale blue.  It is beyond adorable!
 I also found a vintage rooster tablecloth.  It is in good condition, but needs a soak in OxiClean for a few spots that I found.  I did not have a rooster tablecloth, so this is a welcome addition to the collection.

 At the thrift shop, I found a pottery pitcher.  It does have crazing and darkening  by the handle.  I am going to try and get that discoloration out, hope it will work.  If not, I still like it a lot.
Also from the thrift shop, I found another multi-strand beaded necklace, and matching cluster earrings.  The beads are plastic, and they have the cutest little blue bead caps.  They remind me of tulips, don't they?
A vintage Sears Praying Angel.  She is pretty large, about 12", and still in the box.  The box has taken a beating though.
I found some clusters of little vintage glass flowers.  These I will probably use in my crafting projects.

And last but not least, a huge vintage rhinestone pin.  It is about 4 inches long, and this will be refashioned into a necklace.  It is missing a few stones, but I have lots in my stash to repair it with.
Well, I think that I will venture out today to go to a few thrifts.  I am having thrifting withdrawls because of this horrible weather we are having!  ack  Hope you will enjoy my thrifted treasures, and wishing you the best in thrifty goodness!

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  1. Wow-- great finds for this time of year. I've been batting zero lately. Love your blog's new look.

  2. Ooo! All kinds of fun finds! I'll remember to look more carefully in those plastic bags! ♥

  3. Existing in a thrift desert at the moment , theres nothing in them of any interest

  4. We're finally back to our respective schools after the polar vortex. Crazy cold but it was fun having some extra time home. Your blog makeover is wonderful. Love the graphics. You really did well! Those mica birds are fantastic. They would be adorable on an Easter tree. You must use them this spring. I really can't believe all your treasures. Estate sales have been few and far between now that winter is here. I'm having withdrawal too.

  5. Such wonderful finds, love the brooch and the vintage glass flowers, so pretty!! I feel like I haven't went thrifting in forever! I'm missing it too! Loving your new header and background, so fun! xo Holly

  6. Love it all, including your new blog design! I have several of those sweet mica birds that I have picked up here and there. I always bring them out in the Springtime. I also have that same pixie but for the life of me, I can't remember where I got it from!

    Hope you have some luck thrifting today!


  7. Dang! You have done well...nothing here to even tempt me estate or thrift stores lately. The birds in the original box are a total score. I have a ton of them and have never found them like that tidy in a box!

  8. Wow! You are so talented with your blog work! I love the new header and background. I may need to hire you! You're also so lucky to have ANY estate sales to go to right now. The pickins are pretty slim around here. Your birds were such a great find! I have a box of them too, but mine were an EBay score.
    Have fun "hunting"-
    Erica :)

  9. Looks great! I have been header free for a long time - have no idea how to do & what I want! & I am procrastinate.

    Cute mica birds, I have never seen these before (at least that I can recall). Have fun shopping!

  10. You found some darling things this week. Love the birds in and in the box too! The pixie is too cute and that tablecloth is adorable. Love the new blog look as well. Hope you are having a good week.

    xo Danielle

  11. Everything you found is just great, my faves are the stickers and the pixie, too cute!

  12. Your pastel birds are adorable and will be fun on the Easter tree! Lovin' that cute little pixie too, great finds:@)

  13. Wow what a lucky thrifting time you had! Love those birds - I keep hoping I will find some of those someday. The little pink bunny is adorable. Bunnies were my first collection and I still have an affinity for them.

  14. O MY!! What great finds!!
    Thanks so much for your visit!!

    I am now following you!!


  15. Oh, what lovely and sweet finds! Those mica birdies are the cutest! And, the bunny just as sweet! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  16. I'm loving what I see on your blog, I really adore any Pixie. I'm sure your Easter Decorations will be so pretty.

  17. If we lived closer, we would be best shopping buddies. You are sooooo lucky to find those amazing treasures.



  18. Officially the "funnest" blog I have visited this week. I am now a follower - you had me at header! The side bars are delightful. After gazing in wonder at the graphics, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the vintage goodies you found. The rhinestone pin and the glass flowers are my favorites, but the Dennison stickers are quite the find!

  19. Loved vising and seeing all your little pretties. The little mica bird ornaments will be perfect for Easter.

  20. OMG, those little birdies are so cute! I hope it warms up for you! Happy Pink Saturday, Marti

  21. Your new header and background are wonderful! What great finds, you really got some good things to use for Easter. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  22. Oh boy! To find a new pixie is always the very best find and I love those sweet little birds! You found so many pretty things and I know you'll enjoy them all! Have fun!

  23. Love the header and background. Lot's of goodies! Those little birdies are just too cute!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. OMG your blog looks cuter EACH week--I love love love whatever you did between this week and last! and of course your finds are awesome

  25. Some totally awesome love with the little birdies! TOOOOOOO cute! : ) hugs...