Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Thrifting Finds Of The Day - 1/28/14

Hi Everyone, it's time for another update on my thrifty vintage finds of the day - well, actually for the last 5 days!  I did not have much free time this week to thrift, because I started a big project painting rooms in the house.  It started out with wanting to repaint and reorganize my craft studio (which is a major undertaking in itself).  Then I decided to repaint the kitchen, two of the bedrooms, and one of the bathrooms.  I still need to finish the bathroom, but all the other rooms are done and I am really pleased with the results  :)  I really need to learn how to keep it simple!  I was able to go to 2 Estate sales and 5 thrift shops.  Here is what I found:
A beautiful quilt!  I love looking at all the pieces of vintage fabric that was used to make it.  It is in excellent condition too.
I can't imagine how much time it would have taken to make this, and wonder why anyone would part with it.  But lucky for me that they did!
A cute little piggy, oink oink!
This owl is a lamp, and his body is made of glass - the light glows from within.  Although it is not vintage, I just love it and he will go great in a Halloween display.  Oooh, and his eyes glow red too!
And here is......drumroll please......ta da!  My first vintage Pyrex piece!!  I have seen so many awesome collections of Pyrex on your blogs, that I decided it was time to start one of my own.  I can't believe that I didn't start sooner.  I have been doing research on it and am trying to decide which colors and patterns I would like to own.  Going by the markings on the bottom, this bowl appears to be an older one.  Okay, so I am hereby an official member of the Pyrex Collectors Club!  :)
A sweet little girl for the month of November.
And another for the month of October.
A pair of vintage Turkey salt and peppers, for the Thanksgiving collection.  Gobble gobble!
Pink!  Melmac bowls, I just love 'em!
A box of vintage Christmas ornaments.  They are so pretty with with silver glitter on them.
And another box of old ornaments.  I think I will attempt to make an ornament wreath next year, I have been inspired by the ones I have seen on blogs.  But I think I would croak if it fell down and got broken!
A wacky little coconut purse from Hawaii.  This can go in with the Tiki stuff, where it will fit in well.
A darling little egg shaped box with a bird on it.  I don't think a thrifting trip would be complete if I didn't come home with a bird item!
A blue vintage bottle brush tree with a little glass garland on it.  I didn't have a blue tree in my collection, but now I do!
A little rooster dish, not sure what it actually is used for, but it is cute anyway.  His paint needs a bit of repair on his head.
More vintage multi-strand beads!
And more beaded cluster earrings to wear or craft with.
A mish-mash of little things - part of an old Japan doll's tea set, and some little mushroom birds for crafting.
I found a book that had copies of vintage pictures of cats dressed up....hehehe.....they are so cute!  I'll show you a few of them....
They are riding on the "Catastrophic" roller coaster!
"Grand-paw" leads the parade on the Fourth of July..
For Sniffy's birthday, they went to the amusement park....(but should'nt that be "a-MEWS-ment park?)  ha!
Kitties getting married!  They are so  cute!
This has nothing to do with vintage, but PeeWee wanted to show you his new bed (actually he just wanted to get his mug in this post, he is such a little ham!)  I was in my over-priced hardware store, and surprisingly they had a sale on Animal Planet pet beds.  It was such a deal, and it is soooooo comfortable.  Wish I could fit in it!  PeeWee hopped right in and is lovin' it! 

Well, that's it for today - we are in the Polar Vortex again and I just don't want to go outside.  I guess I will just putter around today, refill all the bird feeders again for the wild birds, and do more organizing in the craft studio.  I think I will make Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight...yummy.  Happy thrifting!

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  1. There is nothing more beautiful than an old quilt and they are so hard to find. Love your bags of goodies and of course Christmas ornies! You had a good day! I'm still taking a little thrifting break...but it's getting harder and harder! lol Sweet hugs!

  2. Just TOO COLD to go outside! Maybe tomorrow I'll go treasure hunting! I'm trying to not spend for awhile!!!The quilt is pretty. Blue is a color that I love.

  3. Love it all! The quilt is so great! Looks like you have the red bowl to the Primary set of Pyrex bowls! Now you must find the other three! Fun fun!
    Erica :)

  4. More great finds! I'm a sucker for Melmac. Those bowls are a cool shape. Love that owl lamp too.

  5. I'm completely smitten with your blue bottle brush tree. I've not seen that color before. I can just imagine that owl lamp at Halloween. How fantastic. Lots of fun finds once again. The estate sales have been slim and some have even rescheduled/postponed due to our crazy winter weather. I'm going through withdrawal but our bank account isn't complaining.

  6. Wow you really found some great things!! Love the quilt, I agree I bet there's so much time put into it! Pretty and bright colors! That blue bottle brush tree is really pretty and fun too! Your little PeeWee is so cute! I just washed Jerry's blankets and round bed today and soon as I pulled them out of the dryer he hoped in! :) xo Holly

  7. Welcome to the Pyrex collectors' club! Ha ha, we got another one! And YOU got the red bowl I've been hunting without a million scratches on it! You did well, for some reason, that bowl is usually destroyed when you find it. (I think the red paint didn't hold up well maybe.) You probably know this but don't put it in the dishwasher. If you'd like to join Flickr, there is a wonderful community of Pyrex lovers on there (Pyrex Love group), really nice folks, we all share our pics of Pyrex and say Yay! for each other when we find something, lol. Good call on the "a-MEWS-ment park" they should have thought of that. Those pics are hysterical. Thanks for sharing this at my History & Home party, so glad you did - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  8. Sweet quilt and love the melmac. I have a pink melmac bowl that I love and use, hope it's safe to use, lol. Just bought some earrings like that for crafting, but wonder if I'll be able to take them apart without feeling guilty. :)

    Pee Wee is precious!

  9. Oops-- forgot to add the new dog bed does look comfy! Perfect for this bitter weather!

  10. Sweet new finds and I love the quilt!! xo Heather

  11. Seeing Pyrex on others people's blogs is what got me into it. Reading blogs is a bad idea! It has started an obsession with more things than just Pyrex!

    I need a bottle brush tree. Next year. We were (still are) in a financial mess because my BF had to take time off work for his sick mother, so I didn't get out there everyday around Christmas like I planned.

    Those cats are adorable. Possibly the rooster is a spoon rest?

  12. You found some awesome stuff! Love the Pink Melmac and the red Pyrex, congrats!!! You will find it VERY addictive!
    Hugs, Linda

  13. The blue bottle brush tree is amazing. Don't see those everyday!

  14. OMG! What a fantastic haul!!! Good for you! And as far as the Pyrex...I've gone nuts. I don't even post it on my blog anymore , I just went to being a contributor on Pyrex Collective 3 where I recently shamelessly posted pictures of my hoard (sigh). It's great fun though, especially when you find something you want/like!!! Almost all of my stuff is from thrift stores!

  15. I'm trying to get motivated to paint my tiny kitchen and you've painted several rooms. You're amazing! And you've got a real knack for finding the good stuff. Love the pink melmac and the blue bottlebrush tree. And I ADORE your blog header and background!!!

  16. Well, you have the Pyrex bug now!! Hope you can find the rest to make up that set!! I started collecting Pyrex in a big way, buying just about anything I saw, I've come to my senses though, I did get rid of some but still have plenty! It's such fun to hunt for!!

    Love the owl light, it doesn't matter at all that's it's not old!

  17. You did very well on your outing for goodies. I have some of the very same things you found.

  18. WOW...you sure do rock the vintage finds my friend! KUDOS!!!! hugs...

  19. What awesome finds! I love that little piggie and the cat book is hilarious! I don't even try to collect Pyrex - that is one slippery slope!

  20. Great finds! I love the turkey salt and pepper shakers, the ornaments and the bottle brush tree the most! Monica is a great lover of pyrex and we have a lot but we rarely find them in worthwhile condition anymore. The one you just got looks great!!! By the way, I love the banners you use for this site. It really looks great!! (Rob)

  21. You found some great treasures!


  22. Give PeeWee a hug for me. I love the kitty book....!!!! Treasures galore and you can find them. Top notch collector.
    JM Illinois

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